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We know and work with Top Chinese Factories…

New Tech Corporation knows first hand the techniques and achievements of the Organizations and Factories we represent, but above all,

we know the in Charge; Reputable and reliable men and women who contribute daily,

not only to the development of their Company, but to the nation as a whole!


New Tech Corporation – Emmanuel Mannie Sisamotos Mr., CEO - Visits to China Companies and Suppliers…

For Imports from China, with the full support of the as well as ours, tells us what and we will deliver to your door!

Bellow some products Imported and delivered to Buyers Door!

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Members: Greek Export Organization (HEPO), Dodecanese Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Commerce - DQS CE Center

New Tech CORPORATION SISAMOTOS OE–114 Afstralias, 1ST Floor, Rhodes Town, 85100 Rhodes, Dodecanese, Greece ΤEL: 0030-22410-29290, FAX/TEL: 22410-36349

E-Mail: ems1349@otenet.gr – Υπό Κατασκευή: www.china-wholesale-direct.cnwww.greekproducts-usa.com

The Greek pages accommodate our local Market. The English version accommodates our Exports. The text has been adjusted accordingly.

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